“Your Covenant with Your Eyes and…”

Job 31

1 I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?

God was well-pleased with Job. No wonder that God when the angels gathered around Him said to them, “did you consider My servant Job; there is none like him on earth.” Part of Job’s godly behaviour which pleased God we find in this text. Have you made such a covenant with your eyes?

It is clear in the lives of many so-called Christians that they have not made this covenant. But we must have full control (“dictate” to our eyes as it says in the Amplified Bible) of our eyes. The wedding ring is a token or seal on the marriage to remain faithful to each other to the end.

If you had made a covenant with your eyes you will not be able to look at pornography, filthy films, or covet from your brother. Then your eyes will be single-minded.

But this verse goes further than sexual lust. It refers also to lusting after what is not yours. It refers to lack of self-control, fleshly living, and shows that Jesus is not Lord over all of your life.

We can expand this verse further to refer to your whole being. If you make a covenant with your ears, then you won’t listen to anything which will defile the temple of the Holy Spirit. You will refuse gossip, listen to worldly music,or dirty talk.

Making a covenant with your hands means you won’t touch anything which defiles you. Neither will you defile your body with your hands. Stealing will come to an end. Laziness will end as you earn your livelihood by working with your hands, and be helpful to others. You will also give freely because of the work of your covenanted hands.

If you’ve made a covenant with your mouth then nothing will go out from your mouth that is hurtful to others. No dirty joke will be spoken out of your mouth. Apologise when you’ve said something which hurt the next person. Proclaim the beauty and holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ with your mouth for it belongs to Him.

A covenant with your thoughts, then no adulterous thoughts will be tolerated. Neither will you harbour grudges but you will forgive and forget. May God come down with His Holy Fire to burn away all evil thoughts. Let your mind be His. He has bought you and your whole being belongs to Him.

May even your emotions be pure and no anger allowed. Make a covenant with your whole life to live for Jesus Christ only. Your body is to the glory of God and is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Your life talks louder than your sermons. The way husband and wife communicate one with the other speaks louder than a sermon.

Make a covenant with your feet to go only where Jesus wants you to go.That your feet won’t go to defiled places.May your will be subjected to His will, and your life belong to Him.

Surrender everything to Jesus. “Not my will but the will of the Father be done”.