Sunday service streaming

Live audio  of Kwasizabantu services – Radio Khwezi


The community radio station at Kwasizabantu is Radio Khwezi. Over the past year it has been broadcasting services live from the Auditorium. In particular, services at 11am on Sunday and some other special services taken by Rev Erlo Stegen during conferences. You can also listen to the streaming broadcast from 11am on Sunday mornings. Tune in on their website to listen to Radio Khwezi.


Live video of Kwasizabantu services – LiveStream

Click here to go to the Kwasizabantu site on LiveStream. You must register first (it’s free). Simply go to “login” on and choose “join liveStream”. They will send you a password to your email and you can then use it in future whenever you logon to Kwasizabantu LiveStream. You can also download the app for your cellphone from Google Play Store or from iTunes and search for LiveStream.

The way Livestream works is that each event has a number. For each “event” such as the Sunday service, LiveStream will inform you by email. Other events may be streamed too.

Please let us know whether it works for you. If it seems slow and jerky then choose a lower resolution. Write to [email protected] for any comments or comment in the comments box once you have registered.

And, if you missed the service on LiveStream it is available for a while. Just click on the event and it is there waiting for you.