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KwaSizabantu Mission was founded in 1970 by Reverend Erlo Stegen (1935 – ). Rev Stegen was a travelling evangelist among the Zulu people of KwaZulu-Natal from the 1950s up until 1970. In 1966 his ministry was dramatically changed when he experienced revival with a small group of Zulu colleagues. The revival has been documented in numerous books and articles. In 1970 the mission was established at KwaSizabantu, the place where people are helped.

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KwaSizabantu hosts many visitors. Some require help for particular problems while others would like to experience what God is doing. In order to accommodate others, the length of stay is a maximum of 14 days, except for foreign visitors. Accommodation and meals are provided free of charge.

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A number of conferences are held at KwaSizabantu auditorium which seats up to 10 000 people.

A bi-annual week long Youth Conference has been held since 1974. Approximately four to six thousand children and teens attend free of charge.

The biennial Ministers’ Conference unites preachers and Christian workers from over 50 denominations and organisations nationally and internationally.

Agricultural and Industrial Initiatives

The mission station is situated on a farm of 550ha where Rev Stegen has established agricultural and industrial projects which support the mission and provide skills training and employment.

In 1997 the aQuellé bottling plant began bottling and distributing spring water from a natural source at the Mission. Sweet peppers are produced on a large scale in 10ha of high-tech greenhouses for local markets. An extensive avocado farming enterprise of 180ha produces avos for local and overseas markets. Lettuce is organically produced on 2ha fields. The produce is packaged in a packaging facility on the Mission. Dairy products are produced and marketed through the Bonlé brand. The Saverite supermarket has a bakery and butchery that produce a variety of baked goods and meats.

Community and Education Initiatives

Radio Khwezi, established in 1997, is a community radio station that broadcasts locally on 90.5 and 107.7 FM and on the Internet. Programs are aimed at informing and uplifting the community. The Sunday morning church service of KwaSizabantu Mission is broadcast live at 11h00 SAST.

At the height of the HIV-AIDS epidemic, the Emseni Care Centre, place of grace, was opened in 2006 where HIV-AIDS patients can receive free care and counselling. Through God’s miraculous power some of the patients have fully recovered.

Domino Servite School and Cedar International Academy educate young people from pre-primary to university level.


The founder and director of KwaSizabantu Mission, Revered Erlo Stegen, has worked tirelessly for over six decades to spread the Gospel. Apart from ministering at the mission station, Rev Stegen and his co-workers have travelled extensively, reaching every continent in response to invitations.

Rev Stegen preaches fluently in four languages: IsiZulu, English, German and Afrikaans and he has preached in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, England, France, Germany, Haiti, Hungary, India, Korea, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, Rwanda/Burundi, Senegal, Switzerland, Tanzania, USA, Uzbekistan including all the countries in Southern Africa. He has addressed Ministers’ Conferences in Europe, Central and East Africa and the Baltic States.

His work has been acknowledged by various organisations. In December 2007 he was the co-recipient of the Robert W. Pierce Award for Christian Service awarded by World Vision International. The award was “…in recognition of Stegen’s outstanding work over the past 55 years.” Wilfred Mlay, Vice President World Vision, Africa.

In 2013 Rev Stegen was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal by the North-West University (NWU) for “his humanitarian work among poor rural communities.”