Divan and Vicky

From Death to Life

We would like to share our Testimony about the Grace of God. My wife and I both came out of broken homes and grew up in difficult circumstances. We started using drugs at a young age. We went into the world and tried everything the world had to offer; money, pleasure, big houses, nice cars…

Laura Asnicar

New Rays of Living Hope

  My name is Laura and I come from Italy. I grew up in a Christian church which is rather traditional and ritualistic. As a teenager, I started questioning the foundations and the depth of my personal faith. I yearned to come closer to God, and yet I didn’t know how. I swung between this…



We would like to express our sincere  thankfulness for all the love, care, advice, prayer and patience we have received from the KSB mission and the different departments during the past year and the many years before. We particularly whant to thank Reverend Erlo Stegen for his example of a selfless life, and we also…

Johannes Delport

I Was Blind, But Now I Can See

Saved from Drugs and Sin Psalm 130:3-4 NKJV Herewith I would like to tell you, how I was saved from drug abuse and a sinful life. I grew up in a small town in the Free State in a very religious family and knew what was right and what was wrong. When I was in…

Sipho Nhlapho

Ngikhululekile Emoyeni

My name is Sipho Nhlapho and my home is in Gauteng, at Thokoza. I have known Kwasizabantu for six years and I have been residing on the Mission for two years. I got to know the Mission when I was very troubled because of my drug addiction. I came to Kwasizabantu to receive help from…

Noskungo Tsibu

Free and Very Happy

I am Noskungo Tsibu. I arrived at KwaSizabantu mission in 2013. God saved me because when I arrived there I was bound by Satanism, I didn’t know how to quit it. When I arrived at KwaSizabantu I confessed my sins, it was hard at first but I saw God helping me using the elderly women…

Phumlani Ntombela

Received with Grace

Since I was small, I have been visiting KwaSizabantu Mission, I would come during the youth services. In 2017, I came to reside in the Mission and I was received with grace and warm hands. I was a mess when I came to this place (which I now call home), emotionally drained. I was broken,…

Gert & Jennifer Delport

Blessing through the Generations

Blessing through the Generations My testimony starts with my grandparents in 1979. My grandmother was institutionalized with a mental condition. My grandfather then heard about Kwasizabantu mission and that many people got helped there. Reluctantly, the doctor allowed my grandfather to take her there. Kwasizabantu mission accepted my grandmother just the way she was. After…

Thabani Sithole

Ngisizakele Ngokwanele

  Greetings to all, I would like to say how I was helped at the mission. My name is Thabani Sithole. I come from a terrible situation. I was stealing, used many different types of drugs, smoking dagga, cocaine, marijuana, mandrax and did a lot of bad things. I was jailed many times. I do…


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