Noskungo Tsibu

Free and Very Happy

I am Noskungo Tsibu.

I arrived at KwaSizabantu mission in 2013. God saved me because when I arrived there I was bound by Satanism, I didn’t know how to quit it. When I arrived at KwaSizabantu I confessed my sins, it was hard at first but I saw God helping me using the elderly women who work there (counsellors), who prayed with me and the things Satan had put in me left my body. Now I am free and very happy. I thank God for the true gospel, the gospel that corrects, the gospel that teaches you to differentiate from the evil and the good, the gospel I received at KwaSizabantu.

God is the one who helped me. I used to like relaxed hair but as I continued confessing my sins and fixing my life with God, I was convicted that God didn’t create me like that then why was I changing my hair to be what it wasn’t created to be like. Since then I cut my hair, now it’s the way God created it to be, a normal black person’s hair.

I also found parents at KwaSizabantu, sometimes I would forget that they are not my biological parents because of the love I receive from there. I thank God for father Stegen and all the co-workers at KwaSizabantu . May God keep them so they can continue with the gospel and in serving God. God helped me through the mission KwaSizabantu and he can also help you if you let him.  Kwasizabantu mission is really a place where all people can get help spiritually and otherwise.

Thank you so much.