Sipho Nhlapho

Ngikhululekile Emoyeni

My name is Sipho Nhlapho and my home is in Gauteng, at Thokoza.

I have known Kwasizabantu for six years and I have been residing on the Mission for two years. I got to know the Mission when I was very troubled because of my drug addiction. I came to Kwasizabantu to receive help from my addiction. I had already tried many things, and my family as well, for me to be free. When I arrived at the Mission I received so much love, love which I was not receiving from my family and community anymore because of my lifestyle. People who are addicted to “whoonga” are despised and unwanted, but at the Mission they warmly welcomed me and helped me to become free spiritually. They also helped me to build a relationship with God.

I have been at the Mission for two years, and have been working at the aQuellé factory for one and a half years. I was able to go back to my parents and other people in my community and reconcile with them. Today I can send some money home so that my family can eat; I can be a person of worth in the community because of what Kwasizabantu Mission has done for me.