Thabani Sithole

Ngisizakele Ngokwanele


Greetings to all, I would like to say how I was helped at the mission. My name is Thabani Sithole. I come from a terrible situation. I was stealing, used many different types of drugs, smoking dagga, cocaine, marijuana, mandrax and did a lot of bad things. I was jailed many times. I do not know where to begin when telling of all the bad things I have done.

I came to Kwasizabantu after hearing that I can find help there. I was respectful inside the mission, respectful to the aunties and confessed my sins. I never found myself at fault. I am thankful for the mission, I was helped. I am truly helped; I thank the Lord. I am a believer and I love the Lord. Before I did not care about God. I am grateful because the Lord has helped me, and the mission has helped me greatly. I am thankful for the kindness I received at the mission, and the aunties are very kind. Thank you very much.