Sermons on Revelation

Let the holy still be holy

Deutsch Français Russian Deutsch Audio Français Audio Russian Audio Engagement of Jan Gideon Redelinghuis and Louise Pretorius Introduction Nico Bosman It is wonderful that we can meet in God’s house and hear His word. If anyone is here for the first time, we trust it will not be the last time. Today…

Be faithful to the end

Deutsch Français Deutsch   Français   Introduction Albu van Eeden Good morning to those seated and to those who have tuned in. This day has arrived at last – the Day of the Lord – of which John wrote in the Book of Revelations. The early Christians gathered on this day after the crucifixion of…

You have abandoned your first love

English/Zulu Deutsch Français Pусский English/Zulu Audio Deutsch Audio Français Audio Pусский Audio Introduction Michael Ngubane We thank God so much for his love which is incomparable to anything else. God has been good to us in giving us rain. All the plants, flowers and grass – everything which is planted -…

Rejoice that your name is written in the Book of Life

  Introduction Michael Ngubane We thank the Lord for this day, the day of the Lord. Due to Covid-19 we are separated from one another but God has allowed it. We thank the Lord for leaders like Reverend Stegen who have the insight and have provided technological means so that we can continue in this…


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