“When Jesus is King”

Judges 21

25 In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

Acts 2

42 And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

The days of the Judges were difficult times for Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. But today is no different.

In Judges 14, we read of Samson, God’s servant, choosing for himself a bride from the uncircumcised Philistines. We know that God commanded them not to intermarry with the heathen. Whenever God’s people intermarry with the heathen it always brings tragedy. Women also caused Samson’s downfall, and he lost his eyes and life because of them. So young people, don’t be foolish, but follow God’s Word in this matter.

Here we also read of Micah, who stole his mother’s money. After he confessed his sin, his mother was very glad and decided to give the money to the Lord; so she took a fifth of the money and made an idol for her son to worship. His mother said she was going to give the money to the Lord, but she simply made an idol. Those were dark days. Although they experienced heroic acts, they were wallowing in their own designs, sins, idol-worship and sexual immorality.

This verse is a recurring theme throughout the book of Judges – everyone did what was right in his own eyes. This verse can also be rightly applied to many Christians of today who say they’re serving the Lord, but are just serving an idol made by their own hands or someone else’s.

God’s people were full of hatred, grudges and unforgiveness. These are dark words explaining the lives they lived. Sin simply abounded in their personal lives, and also at a national level. For that reason God often sent enemies to trouble and punish them. There was never a time when they were so much attacked and killed by their enemies, and even by their brothers. Benjamin was almost destroyed and tens of thousands killed in Israel. Were it not for God’s mercy, they would’ve been completely wiped out. If you allow sin in your life, you lose God’s best, and you bring God’s curse upon your life and offspring.

These judges were great heroes of God, and they performed heroic acts, but when you read of their personal lives, you cry. How is it possible that they allowed such terrible sins in their personal lives and in the lives of their children? Right to the end Samson had this weakness towards women – evil, sensual women with no interest in God’s things.

You men and ministers of God, what does your personal life look like? What does your thoughts look like? Don’t say it’s just a small matter; there’s no such word in God’s vocabulary. You look at a woman and lust after her, and in God’s eyes you’re divorced. You curse your brother in your heart and you’re a murderer. Have you no King? Did those heroes of God have no King? Was their King only on the battlefield and not in their homes?

But let us have a look at what it’s like when Jesus is King.

In the book of Acts we read that those who repented were of one soul, mind and heart – having the same singular passion. Are today’s Christians known by the same mark? Repent if your life is not known by this, even if you’re known as a Christian.

For many people, if their church doesn’t suit them any longer, they simply join another church or start a new church. They are butterflies that go from flower to flower.

Listen to what spirit filled men and women did. In Acts 2:42, we read that they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching. They had Jesus who was Messiah and King to them. There is no army as powerful as Christians in submission to their King. The Gospel would run from nation to nation and kingdom to kingdom and cover the whole earth.

Blessed are those who hear God’s Word and do it.