Malelane Youth Conference 2022

Nearly 500 young people from different areas of the Mpumalanga Province gathered at Schulzendal near Malelane from Friday evening 30 September till Monday evening 3 October. We were able to provide everyone with three meals a day and accommodation for those who came from far away.

Preachers from Kwasizabantu Misson together with others from the local community presented the wonderful gospel of our Lord Jesus that brings life through the confession and forgiveness of sin. Many young people grasped hold of the message and opened their hearts to God. They were encouraged and taught how to live as lights in the darkness that rules the world. What a wonderful opportunity it was for all who were there!

Monday was a very hot day and everyone joined in enthusiastically for some fun sports activities. The weekend was indeed time well spent and was enjoyed by all.

We thank the Lord for His gracious provision and the opportunity to reach out to these young people with His message of hope.