Mozambique Branch of Kwasizabantu Mission Opened

The Mozambique branch of Kwasizabantu Mission was officially inaugurated on Sunday 16 September 2018 by Reverend Erlo Stegen and the regional Administrator, His Excellency J J Mahesse.

The church building, designed to seat 300 – 400 people was packed to capacity so many who attended stood outside. Later in the day many more, who had first attended their own church service, also joined the proceedings. Four different choirs presented their items, singing from their hearts in true African fashion – with unbridled joy.

A combined team from the local congregation and Kwasizabantu Mission in KwaZulu Natal joined forces to prepare for this special occasion: repainting the new church building – which replaced the previous ‘under the tree’ venue; preparing delicacies such as two specially cooked cow heads and traditional ‘amahewu’; sufficient sleeping quarters for all the guests and other cleaning that is part of such a big occasion.

Rev. Stegen, the founder and director of Kwasizabantu Mission, arrived at Vilanculos airport and drove the two and half hour trip on some precarious roads to get to the mission station which is in rural Mozambique close to Massinga, Vilnaculos . His message on Sunday was from Jeremiah 24: 1 – 4, a text which refers to the two baskets of fruit which were set before the temple of the Lord – one with good fruit and one with bad fruit. He reminded all present that when God comes, He separates bad and good. The challenge to have a basket filled with that which is good, was put to the listeners – and if any realized there is bad in the basket, the invitation was made to come and bring the bad, even if the sin is as red as scarlet, Jesus can wash it away and all can be forgiven.

The Administrator welcomed the work of the mission and committed to being a support and help at any time.

God blessed the day with His presence. The joy and thankfulness of all present was tangible.