Potato Evangelism

It may sound strange but potatoes can preach. Here’s how. In the past few months Kwasizabantu Mission has had tons of potatoes to distribute. Kwasizabantu Mission is not the only distribution point (see photos below); we have sent trucks and pick-ups up to 150km away to hand out to poor communities. The people in these areas are delighted to receive free potatoes and are more than willing to hear the Gospel as well.

Our aim is not just hand-outs but rather to teach people to plant for themselves. It is not uncommon for Rev Stegen to explain from the pulpit how to plant avocadoes, potatoes and chillies. The potatoes that are being distributed are seed potatoes and not just for food.

This Sunday and Monday, 7 and 8 September, over 6 tons were distributed from the mission. (See photos). Some walked up to 10km to mission to fetch potatoes.