Youth Conference at KwaSizabantu

The bi-annual Youth Conference this summer started on Sunday, 10 December and continued until 17 December 2017. Although there were many youth-related topics presented, the underlying message of the week was: Our Father in heaven.

Rev Stegen highlighted this in two wonderful messages where he reminded all who attended that if we are children of God, we are not just ordinary children. God’s Son bought us into the divine royal family through His death on the cross. Therefore, we have a standard to uphold, in walk, talk, dress, conduct and reputation. Because of this great privilege our status is higher than that of angels and heavenly beings for we can say ‘Abba Father’ to the King of kings, and can have an audience with Him in the same way as the child of a President has free access to his father which no one else has.

Besides the opportunities to sing, listen to God’s word, hear testimonies and win prizes, the youth were also educated on issues such as the danger of drugs, gaming and social media.

For a large number of first comers it was exciting to experience sleeping in dormitories, warm showers and three meals a day – all free of charge.

During the one day given for sports activities teams from the different communities could compete in soccer, netball and volleyball tournaments as well as penalty shoot-outs. The young people of the mission also arranged fun games for all to have a chance to participate.

Sports Day Picture Gallery