KwaSizabantu Youth Conference December 2010

17 December: Many hundreds have been transported back home but there were still about 3000 to enjoy sports with the improved weather. So through the day, netball, volleyball and soccer was enjoyed by the children and teens. Soccer was so popular that 30 full teams competed for 1st and 2nd places.

The closing service for the week, at 7pm, was taken by Rev Chauke and closed off by Rev Stegen. Also, some dignitaries, including Dr Luthuli, daughter the celebrated Chief Albert Luthuli, and Mayor Ngubane (who is mayor for our Umvoti area). Joseph Chauke spoke from Joel 2:13 where God demands real repentance and not just a symbolic tearing of the garment. The Lord doesn’t want our rituals He wants our hearts.
Though it was the official closing service for the week, there are still about 2000 youngsters who need to be kept busy as the wait for their transport home. Thank you for praying for the conference. Now the battle begins. Many have made the decision to let Christ into their hearts. They will be faced with unimageinable temptations. Please continue to pray for them.

16 December: This Thursday was dedicated to an all-day sports fun on various fields at the mission. Netball, volley-ball and soccer, were to have taken place between various teams, with the prize-giving this evening, afterwhich a closing sermon for the day was to be given by Rev Stegen. Instead, because God controls the weather and it’s been raining continually for 4 days, a normal service was held at 10am. Rev Stegen thanked God that we could use this opportunity to look at the last of the Gospels for the sake of those who need to start leaving. (Some buses need to start returning children who live far away.) Rev Stegen looked at the emphasis in John’s Gospel of the Divinity of Jesus. Not just perfect man, Son of Man, as portrayed in Luke’s Gospel, but perfect God, the Son of God, as John goes to great lengths to record. Right from the beginning of John we read that “in the beginning was God and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. Jesus is indeed God Himself. We should not get into an intellectual pickle trying to understand the Trinity. Jesus repeatedly tells us, in John’s Gospel, that he is the “I am”. That is why his enemies hated him so much, for they knew the implications of that statement. He was claiming divinity. We are to know “this Jesus” as the Son of God. As Is 9:6 says, he is a son born unto us and is also the “Almighty God”.

The evening service was taken by Rev Joseph Chauke. Let “the King of glory” (Ps 24), the “I am”, come into your heart. Jesus in your heart will result in a holy life. Just as Jesus chased the wicked out of the temple, so too, He will chase the sins of drunkedness, immorality, anger, drug addiction, out of your heart. With Christ in you “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” He will conquer the devil for you and make you, like Paul, to be “more than conqueror.” Rev Chauke used the “Heart of man” posters to illustrate the condition of the human heart.
Rev Stegen closed the service with an altar call for those who want to receive Christ into their lives. After praying with them (many hundreds came to the altar) he told them that this illustration. Even if rats have lived in a room, introducing a cat will disperse all the vermin. Jesus in your heart will chase the rats away. He will deal with sin. He is also your protector, Is 49:16 and promises never to forget you.

14 Dec update: The 10am service was taken by Umphakathi Okhathazekile who spoke on the subject of prostitution. One of the members gave a short testimony about being involved in human trafficking and how she came out and saved by the Lord. Afterwards there was a time for questions and answers.
The afternoon service was taken by Dr A. van Eeeden who spoke on the topic of drugs and pornography.
The 7pm service was taken by Rev Erlo Stegen who spoke on the theme of Jesus being King of Kings. (Rev 19:12-16)

13 Dec update: The 7pm service was taken by Rev Erlo Stegen who continued with the Sunday morning theme of knowing Jesus and the various aspects as emphasized by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The emphasis in the Gospel according to Matthew is Jesus as King.

In Daniel it speaks of the Kingdom that will swallow all other kingdoms. In Dan 7:14 we read:” And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.” This is King Jesus. This is the one we must know. To be a Christian means to know this Jesus.

No ruler, empire, king or government will last. All must bow the knee and confess that Jesus is King of kings. If you haven’t bowed to this Jesus then surrender your life to Him now. Repent of your sin and make Jesus to be your King.

The afternoon service at 3pm was for testimonies of what the Lord had done in young people’s lives since the last youth conference.

The morning service started with Mr A. Mdlalose giving more information about the mission. Then, Rev H. Stegen took the service reading from Gen 6: 1-3 and Matt 24: 37 & 38.

12 Dec update: Children and teens have started arriving, through yesterday and last night. Most of the youth are expected today and tomorrow. The first official service begins Monday morning, Lord willing, even though services are being held for the many who are already at the mission and the conference theme, “This Jesus”, was introduced by Rev Stegen at the Sunday morning service. There were also afternoon and evening services taken by Joe Newlands and Dr A van Eeden.

Each year, since 1974, there have been Youth Conferences held at Kwasizabantu Mission. From a handful of children 36 years ago, these week-long conferences have grown to such an extent that 5000 and more children and teens attend. This December conference is a bit different in that it has had to fit into a South African school year which ends late this year. We pray that the Lord’s Word would move hearts and lives.

The theme for this year is: “Do you know this Jesus?”, “Uyamazi yini loJesu?”, from the Scriptures: John 12: 21&22, John 14:21 and Phil 3:10. “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection”.