KwaSizabantu Youth Conference December 2011

Monday: 12 December: Preacher: Erlo Stegen

Texts: Deuteronomy 28 v 1, Genesis 1 v 26,27, Job 33 v 4, Colossians 1 v 16, Genesis 2 v 7

Before I speak about obedience, I want to speak about the creation of man. You can’t say that the pulpit or watch on your arm just appeared like a mushroom. There is a designer and the same is true with creation. Those who believe evolution, are not right in their minds. Gen. 1 God said, “Let US make man in our image.” It is plural referring to God the father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son. Job 33 says that the Spirit of God made me. In Col. 1 it says that Jesus was there when man was created. In Gen 2. God breathed life into man and soil became flesh

The likeness of God is that man can also show love, patience and be meek. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you. Therefore, if we rebel against God, we harm ourselves. If you are sexually immoral, smoke or drink your body will preach to you when you get diseases. God’s image is in you. If you listen you will be blessed but if you disobey you will be cursed no matter what nation you are.

Tuesday – 13/12/2011 10:00 am

Preacher: Erlo Stegen

Luke 17: 20-25

The Pharisees and disciples asked the Lord Jesus when the kingdom of God would come. They thought the Lord Jesus would rule and that they would rule with Him and that He would deliver them from the oppression of the Romans. Their reason was political and they were thinking of something different to what the Lord Jesus was thinking. The Lord Jesus rebuked them saying, “ It is not for you to know the seasons of God.” They were on a completely different wavelength to what He was on.

You have heard that we are made in the image of God and that He has put the Bible within us. We can choose between good and evil. You can only experience true freedom if you are in Him. A person who is in sin has no peace because that sin fights with what God has put within you.

Some say that the gospel is only for the white man but much in the Bible is the same as what black people know. Jacob’s servant paid a dowry for Rebecca in the same way as the Zulus do. Africa protected the Lord Jesus when Joseph took him and his mother to Egypt and it was a black man who carried his cross. Every person and every nation should flock to the Lord Jesus. There was a big fire in the 1950’s in Natal. Many farms were burnt. A farmer tried to save his pig but it ran straight into the fire and in the same way some people are running straight into hell. Satan deceived Eve into eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil but when they did they lost the glory of God. Like a fish that is hooked by a fisherman, if you eat sin, sin will eat you. Listen to what the Spirit says. Come to the Lord Jesus and be set free.

Tues afternoon: The youth were able to give their testimonies. All of them testified about how the Lord Jesus had helped them – from streetchildren on drugs, to a young Herero woman who wants to be a missionary, young people bothered by demons and much more.

Tues evening:Rev Chauke

Mark 4 v 35-41 Jesus calms the storm:

Rev Chauke gave a little of his testimony about how he had been saved and also said how he was in a car accident. Doctors said he would never walk again but then U Erlo prayed for him and today he is walking and still preaching the gospel.

Then in Mark 4 we read about how Jesus calms the storm. Jesus was in the big boat but he was put in the back where he was sleeping. Many people put Jesus at the back in their lives. He is like a spare tyre that they only use when they are in trouble. The boats are all the people and the sea is this world and we are all on the way to the other side as person will die one day. Jer 33v3 is the telephone to heaven where the Lord says, “Call to me and I will show you great things.” There are many storms in this world: boys and girls busy with relationships, abortions and sorcery. The president of South Africa said that South Africans should vote for the ANC, then they will go to heaven. I wanted to tell him about John 14v6. Only through Jesus do we go to heaven. Is. 9v6 says, “Unto us a child is born.”

If you have a problem or a storm in your life, you must call to Jesus who brings you peace.

The UN had peace talks but you can not have peace without the Prince of peace.Phil 2 v 9-11 says,”God exulted him (Jesus) to the highest place …” Jer 7 v 23 tells us to obey God and then it will go well with us and the storm in your life will be quietened.

Wed 10am, Erlo Stegen: Deut 28v1

If you obey the voice of the Lord and obey His commands, He will set you high above the earth.

If some one gave me a fortune, I would not take it because I can’t give up the gospel. The secret of the gospel is far greater than the whole world. Money in some countries in the world are worthless, any way. A person in the DRC made a fire with money. A loaf of bread costs millions because their money is worthless.

We have said in previous services that God created us and breathed life into us. The elements that are found in soil are the same elements that are found in your body. If you carefully obey the Lord, then He will pour out blessings on you in body, soul and spirit. You become weak if you are starved of God’s word. If you live a God-fearing life, you are spared the diseases of immorality, drugs and alcohol. If you obey God’s word, then you will be the head and not the tail as in Deut. 28 which is about the ten commandments.

Wed afternoon: The concerned community spoke about the Drug Master plan, harm reduction and needle parks. They warned young people against it and said that people of South Africa will be harmed if such a law is passed.

Wed evening: Drama called “Listen to the voice of your shepherd.”

Thursday morning: Rev Chauke

Luke 19 v 1-10 A seeking sinner finds a seeking Saviour.

Those who seek one another, will find each other. Zacchaeus was wealthy from all the money he had pocketed from collecting taxes. In Hebr. it says that it is appointed once to man to die and then there will be the judgement. Zacchaeus wanted to see who Jesus was. The soul longs for God. The wisemen travelled a long way to come and see Jesus, we read in Matthew 1 and 2. In John 20 v21, the Greeks came to see Jesus.

Because of the crowd, Zacchaeus could not see Him. People are prevented from seeing Jesus. The Jews could blame the Germans in the holocaust. Africans could blame the white man. Wives say their husbands are a problem. You need to make a plan if you want to see the Lord Jesus. Zacchaeus made a plan and climbed a tree. People get into many kinds of trees that won’t help them, like in Gal 5 v 19: sexual immorality, debauchery and other such things. If you live like that, you won’t see the kingdom of God. Zacchaeus, however, climbed a sycamore tree. Is 1 v 18 says that if your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow. Zacchaeus came down quickly out of the tree and received Jesus gladly. John 1 v 12 says to all who receive Him, He gives them the right to become children of God.

In Luke 19 v 10 it says that Jesus has come to seek those that are lost. He doesn’t just want church people but real children of God. 1 Tim 2 : He wants to save all people. Hebr. 2 v 3:

How can we escape if we ignore such a salvation. If you have aborted a child or taken drugs, the Lord Jesus will save if you make a plan like Zacchaeus and come to Him.

Thurs afternoon: Mr B.J. Sibisi (Policing Forum)

It is important to look at community issues. Fight crime, help the police and contribute to their protection as well and live hygienically as a young person as we have been created in the image of God. The youth must raise moral standards. Many questions were asked and answered.

Thurs evening: Erlo Stegen

Deut 28 v 1 ; Colossians 1 v 15-20

The Lord Jesus is the image of the invisible God. If you add to the word of God, you will get the diseases written down in the Bible. If you take away from the word of God, He will take your name away from the tree of life. We live in Him and through Him. God’s word is for everyone. We must believe what God says in His Word and not wait for an angel or some special revelation. An example: During a flood, a boat came to rescue a person who was praying for the Lord to rescue him. But the praying believer said that he was waiting for God to save him and not a boat. He also refused helicopter which came next, and was eventually swept away. God had sent the boat and the helicopter but He was waiting for some heavenly rescue instead of the means that God had sent..

God has revealed Himself in His Word and we must accept it. God reaches you through His word and you must cling to it. God can make all things new.

Fri morning: Erlo Stegen

Deut 28 v 1; Gen 1 v 27

Man is a remarkable creation. God created the earth and everything in it. It was like a beautiful house full of furniture and then he created man, the crown of His creation. He said, “let there be light.” and there was light. The oceans divided from the land and was filled with every kind of animal on the ground, in the sea and birds as well. A professor, who was confused about the trinity, was walking on the beach and saw a little boy trying to fill a hole with water from the ocean. When he returned from his walk, the little boy was still there doing the same thing. The professor asked,”Little boy, what are you doing?” The boy answered that he was trying to pour the ocean into his hole. The professor realised that he had been doing the same thing by trying to understand God with his little mind.