A church which belongs to Him

I greet you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. May I shortly share my testimony of what Jesus have done for me.

In 1975, I had a child out of wedlock, and I did not want to tell my parents about it. The child’s father would give me R10 or R5 to buy bread, which everyone at home would eat. I felt defiled. I went to a fortuneteller, who said that there is a girl who is also my boyfriend’s lover and has cast a spell on me.

In 1983 I saw God standing on the earth, dressed in a white, shining robe, so bright that my eyes filled with tears. He told me to repent of my sins and go to the pastor to confess my sins. He said that everything we do in the world we do before Him.

I went to many churches looking for a place where I could confess my sins, but there was not one that could help me. They told me to go into my room and confess my sins. In this time God spoke to me about a church which belongs to Him and does not commit adultery, does not steal and separates itself for God. God said it is despised by the world and people looked down on it. God told me to go to this church, but I couldn’t go because I committed all these sins. The church was covered with something like a white cloud, as white as snow, you were unable to tell the difference if they were Indian, white or black. Finally, I came to Kwasizabantu. After the service we were asked if any wanted to be reconciled to God. I had the opportunity to sit down with a counsellor. I confessed all my sins, and I felt the burden being lifted from my shoulders. I went out and it felt like I could shout out for joy, I could not describe the feeling. The Lord continued to show me other things which displeased Him in my life, and where the roots of these evils were. The Lord has forgiven me of these sins and I have peace in my spirit and life in my body.

I am very grateful to God for my father, Reverend Erlo Stegen of Kwasizabantu. Since 1984, I have respected him as a man of God.

Yours sincerely
Ugogo N Mnguni (Mtubatuba)