A Place where God Rules

My name is Elizabeth Pieterse...Stanley Pieterse's mother

I'm from Pretoria Eersterust...

This is my testimony about KwaSizabantu Mission.

My son, Stanley Chris Pieterse, has been at the mission for more than a year now. I've been a stressed mom of a child using all different kinds of drugs, alcohol, robbing innocent people and jailed.

I've been knocking on different doors - churches, rehabs and all, with no help at all.

My health deteriorated at an alarming rate. At one stage I was hospitalized for a month because of stress that affected my heart, high blood which created cholesterol and blood clots...all because of what Stanley put me through. Not even Stanley's father was willing to assist me with his behaviour since we were divorced...he said it's got nothing to do with him, and I must not bother him with Stanley's nonsense...I hope y'all get the picture what I've been through with Stanley.

If that was not enough the drug dealers or the money lenders would knock on my door looking for him...what do you do as a parent? Tell them where he is...or lie to them? Difficult decision. Then not long after that you get a call - he's lying in a pool of blood, he's been stabbed. One moment you think, let me leave him to die and I rest...then next reality kicks in...that's your son! And you do everything possible to save his life...I slept half nights on those hard hospital benches waiting for the doctors' results. At the end I had to take a taxi, not knowing will I make it safely home that hour of the morning.

Until I read about KwaSizabantu Mission...wow what a breath of fresh air...what a peaceful, loving and joyful place...a place where they don't judge, a place where everyone's equal and welcome, a place where God rules and changes people's lives, where people who were nobody's become somebody...that's only in KwaSizabantu Mission. I've been there couple of times to support my son, I get welcomed and treated like a queen every single time...

I thank KwaSizabantu Mission for what they did and still do for my son and for me. Because of them I have peace and my health improved tremendously. I don't need to stress over my son ever again, worry about drug dealers or fights any time soon. In fact I inform parents about KwaSizabantu Mission. There is hope and life at KwaSizabantu Mission.

That's my testimony of KwaSizabantu Mission in Natal @ Kranskop...