Katja Joosten

A Tool in God’s Hand

I visited Kwasizabantu Mission for the first time in July 1984, the year before I wrote matric. As a German I thought it was adventure to fly to Africa. I never dreamt that the visit was life changing. The people I met and the gospel I heard were tools in God's hand to draw me to Christ. On August the 29th 1984 I gave my life to Christ. I embarked on a journey to find that gospel in my home country but there was no place like the one I saw. I came again to the Mission for longer periods; for a closer walk with God and to cleanse my life. The Mission, its people, and their love towards me made me feel so much at home that it was rather difficult to leave again.

Through God's guidance I got married into a family that has close ties with Kwasizabantu and I moved to South Africa for good. That same gospel that radically changed my life, guided us through out our married life and the upbringing of our children. We always found open hearts and godly advice to help us on our way. Our children have come to love the Mission too. The Youth Conferences were the tool in God's hand to touch their lives.

Two years ago, it pleased the Lord to take my husband to his Heavenly Home. The support that I and my family received from Reverend Erlo Stegen, his children, the co-workers and congregation members, was unbelievable. We were truly blessed and comforted in our time of sadness. We cannot thank the Mission enough for what they have done for us.

That gospel that touched my heart 36 years ago is still preached and lived today. The love that reached my rebellious, lonely heart as a young person has not changed. It is still poured out into my life. I cannot thank God enough for being part of His work. Where would I be without it?

A truly, very special place that has a very special place in our hearts!

Katja Joosten