Sabelo Hlatshwayo

Angikaze Ngiyibone Indawo Efana Nalena

My name is Sabelo Hlatshwayo. I am from Joburg and l was staying at KSB Mission and what the Mission they did for me l wish they can continue doing it to other fellow brothers in recovery. I am also one of the guys who got help at Mission. My first day at Mission l was welcomed by warm hands from reception to the CYPSA office. Those people showed me love that even my community had never showed me.

It was October and they told me about the program as l was a drug addict who needed help, but l was shocked the way they treated me - as if am not a addict because where l come from, when they see an addict they see a thug or criminal or something useless. Kwasizabantu didn't take me like that, they gave me a place to stay, food and water to bath just for free - three meals a day. They told me about their services. l didn't understand at first but when time went on l started to understand and enjoy attending church three times a day. They gave me someone l could talk to, we call them "abalungisisi" (counsellors). Mine was aunt Ntombi Mgidi. Oom Jan encouraged me to confess my sin. At first l was not understanding why they say so, but when time went on l started to understand and enjoy it because now I am starting to be free!

Actually l was supposed to stay for 21 days but by the Lord's grace l stayed almost 3 years. They even offered me a job at aQuellé. I thought I was just there for my rehabilitation but now they offered me a job. Bangakwenza kanjani lokhu kwi-addict elifana nami ngizibuza umbuzo? l accepted the offer of work. Before I had even gotten paid, I lost a child. Guess what they did for me - mom Hlongwane and aunty Busi called me into the office and offered me some money. I was broke and didn't even know how I was going to go to Joburg. I went and could bury my child. When l came back to the Mission l continued working. I then lost a brother. My manager, Mr Gladson (l myself call him bhuti) said he would go with me to Joburg. It was great - l didn't even pay even a cent, he paid for petrol and everything. We went well, and when we came back l continued working.

"Ngilento engiyiyo" (I am what I am) because of Mission. l left the Mission when l got a learnership. l still miss that place - the way "abasitshengisa ngakhona uthando abantu bakhona e mission, even Rev. Erlo Stegen ubengafuni ngathi esithanda engathi uNkulunkulu angaba nabo kuzo zonke izinkinga ababhekene nazo. Mina angikaze ngibone indawo efana naleya" (the way the people on the mission showed us their love, even Rev. Stegen. May God be with them through all difficulties they face. I have never seen a place like this one).  Even today l wish to go back and this time stay longer than 3 years. I stayed there without witnessing any abuse to anyone including me. May the Lord bless you. Keep on doing what you do best - helping people like us🙏🙏🙏

Sabelo Hlatshwayo