Changed So Much

The young man was brought in a wheel-barrow to the service, wanting to go to Kwasizabantu. The service was in the Ridoubt area near Bizana in the Eastern Cape. He was not able to walk and his arm was lame. He lay on a mattress for the duration of the service, and afterwards asked to be counselled. Everyone was given something to eat and drink, he too had something and asked for some more. His mother was amazed because he had not been eating. When it was time to leave (the vehicle was to take him to Kwasizabantu), two men helped him up, but he asked them to hold on, he wanted to try on his own, and walked to the vehicle himself.

He was at Kwasizabantu for about one week and was greatly helped. He went back home to write his matric exams. When he arrived at the service at Ridoubt again, people thought it must be his brother. He had changed so much. His mother got up at the service and thanked God for what He had done through the Mission. Today this same young man is well and has work driving lorries.

Wandile Nquphaza


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