50 years celebration and December 2016 Youth Conference – updates

Pictures of 50 years of Revival celebration on 18th December 2016  and Youth Conference photos:


Sunday 11am: Final service celebrating the 50 years of revival. Various people shared. (Photos and more to come) Video Shown:

Saturday 17 Dec 7pm: A drama about the early years of Erlo Stegen as a missionary and then when God sent revival.

Saturday 17 Dec 3pm: Mr J Dube, one of the original co-workers from the beginning of the revival, shared his memories of the early days.

Saturday 17 Dec 10am: Erlo Stegen (It will be streamed live here)

Friday 16 Dec 7pm: “When God comes down”, the film. In keeping with the 50 years anniversary, in the film Rev Erlo Stegen speaks in Zulu about the early days and how God has worked since then.

Friday 16 Dec 3pm: Lidia T. Dube shared her experiences of how things were before the revival at Maphumulo. She then shared about the phenomenal changes the Lord brought about when revival happened, including the early years of Kwasizabantu. She is one of the very first co-workers and has been part of the work from the beginning.

Friday 16 Dec 10am: Rev Erlo Stegen shared some of the experiences of the revival, in particular, how the Lord liberated witches and other demon-possessed people.

Thursday 15 Dec: Sport all day long. In the evening there is a play called 2nd Chance by CYPSA. It was very well received by the children because it shows exactly the home situation of many children and redemption through Jesus Christ.

Wednesday 14 Dec 7pm: “The Passion of the Christ” film was shown.

Wednesday 14 Dec 3pm: Many wonderful testimonies of those who were here for the previous conference.

Wednesday 14 Dec 10am: The service was about John 4:14, “…the water that I shall give…”.

Tuesday 13 Dec 7pm: DFL, Johann Claasen shared about the power of music, for bad and good.

Tuesday 13 Dec 3pm: Doctors for Life. Many children stay behind after each service for one-on-one counseling and prayer.

Tuesday 13 Dec 10am: Detlef Stegen shared some of his experiences of how the Lord sent revival. (in keeping with the 50 year celebration of revival this coming weekend).

Monday 12 Dec 7pm: A Christian film was shown

Monday 12 Dec 3pm: J. Newlands shared from various Scriptures how mankind, though created in the image of God, chose to listen to the devil. Only through the power of our Lord Jesus can we be set free. If you choose to carry on with the devil you will land up in the place he is going to.

Monday 12 Dec 10am: Service by H. Stegen who read from Acts 2:37-38. Jesus yearned for this time when the completion of His work would come into fulfillment through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Then the Spirit convicted people of their sins and brought them to faith and repentance.

Sunday 11 Dec 7pm: Service taken by Dietmar Joosten. He preached from the theme verse of John 7:37-38. Before we receive living waters our own waters are filthy. But the verses shows us how Jesus makes us totally new.

Sunday 11 Dec 3pm: Service taken by M. Ngubane from Jn 3:17,18. He preached on faith and fear. Many young people have put their trust in the Lord but are afraid to share their faith.

Sunday 11 Dec 11am: Service taken by Rev Erlo Stegen. He preached from Heb 13:4 about sexual purity.

Saturday 10 Dec 7pm: The service was about the prayer of Solomon as we find it in 1 Kings 3, about the early years of King Solomon.

Saturday 10 Dec 3pm: Testimonies of those who were here during the June-July conference, to share what the Lord had done for them.

Saturday 10 Dec 10am: Service taken by A. Mdlalose. He spoke on “Lord give me that water that I may not thirst”, from Jn 4:15. He also related the story found in Gen 34.

Thousands of children have already arrived and services are proceeding earlier than anticipated.  A new building, though not quite complete, is ready for boys with almost 1000 beds and mattresses. (see bed making below for a thousand boys – double-storey building not quite finished but useable)

This conference is special because the climax is the 50 years celebration which is arranged for the weekend of the 17th and 18th of December.