Distribution of Bibles to poor children

Every Sunday about 100 children or more are brought to the Sunday service from surrounding areas. Most come from an informal settlement in Kranskop, about 20 km away, where some coworkers have been organizing outreaches to these children. Helpers are mostly students from Cedar College of Education at the mission. Recently, one of the students, Eui Young Seo, received funds from South Korea to contribute towards Bibles for the children. Most needed Zulu Bibles and a few wanted English. In order to preserve the longevity of the Bibles, backpacks were purchased for the children to keep the Bibles in.

The children always have a short “Sunday school” time after the Sunday service and have lunch before they are returned to Kranskop. On 31 May 2015, it was an exciting opportunity for the children to each receive a Bible, backpack and large biscuit. It is hoped that these children will not only read the Bible for themselves but also for the adults in their informal settlements. Please pray for them.