Sthabiso Bhengu

Endaweni yabantwana bakaNkulunkulu


My name is Sthabiso Innocent Bhengu but widedly known as Makhehlana. I had for many years been a person who was troubled by drugs. During this time, someone told me about a place where I could be helped. That person said there is an organisation called Concerned Young People of South Africa (CYPSA) at Kwasizabantu Mission.

I was addicted to cigarettes, dagga and crystal meth. When I came to Kwasizabantu, I met children of God who prayed with me and brought me closer to God. However, upon my arrival at Kwasizabantu Mission I had been quite confused because they told me about Jesus who is the King and the Saviour of my life. He is the one who can save me from these problems. This confusion was caused by my perception toward myself – I knew myself as a someone who has come to a rehab where I will get pills to detox and the usual procedures in a rehabilitation centre. Little did I know that I had come to a place of the children of God.

I thank the CYPSA organisation for all that they have done for me. Now I am alive, and I am a person who does not use cigarettes, dagga, crystal meth or alcohol.