Ria Combrink

Ever Closer to the Lord

I am Ria Combrink, daughter of Ruth Combrink and granddaughter of Rev. Stegen.

I truly cannot wish for a better family, and definitely no better grandfather! He is always there for me and it is my prayer that I would live a life that follows his living example. His life of giving and never looking at his own life inspires me daily. Another, of many examples, is his constant encouragement for each of us children to have a relationship with the Lord. He will never tell me that what I want to do is wrong, but will simply tell me to pray and ask the Lord what He wants of me.

I also would like to thank the Lord for all the other grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers and mothers that he has given me. Khulu and Gogo, as I call Miss Dube and Miss Ngcamu, as well as all the other co-workers are like parents and grandparents to me. The love and care that they show is amazing. No matter how insignificant my question is or how busy they are, they always make time. The encouragement and advice that I receive from them draws me ever closer to the Lord. Every time I speak to them, my zeal to serve the Lord grows ever stronger.

I often remember my grandfather's desire, "that this ministry would not wane, that by His grace He would guard and stoke this fire that it will not dim, till that last trumpet sounds in the clouds." It is my prayer that this desire would come into fulfilment and that I would never lower the standard that has been set, but rather, by God's grace, carry on in this work so that many more people may experience the Lord's working in their lives.