Oana Veciunca

Experiencing KSB

My name is Oana Veciunca, I am 28 years old and I come from Romania. 

I have visited KwaSizabantu Mission in South Africa three times and each time I have stayed there for more than two months.  

I keep wonderful memories from there and it is my pleasure to share them now with you! 

  • Mission Kwasizabantu is for me a beautiful PEACEFUL place by its own  one can contemplate every corner with flowers and trees, which are cared by dedicated hands. 
  • It is a place where the GOSPEL is preached and lived. There I could meditate on my life and take good decisions for the future. My first visit was in 2011 after finishing Matric. 
  • EATING TOGETHER in the dining hall, taste from the African cuisine and watch the Umphakathi people (who were around 150 men) was a unique experience 

These men were there to find help out of drugs, and yet I coulbe among them without fear. They were willing to help with cleaning the tables after every lunch. It was astonishing for me to see God at work in their lives under my eyes. They also sang beautifully!

  • I have experienced Rev. ERLO STEGEN as a caring person. Once when it was cold outside, he asked me if I had enough blankets to keep me warm. I told him that I had everything I needed. Then he told me: now that you have everything you need, pay attention to the Lord’s voice and to what He wants to teach you.
  • I also appreciate THE MISSION and the people there, for the EFFORTS that they made for me, and other visitors, wonderful experiences while our visit there:
  • I visited an orphanage with Doctor’s for life.
  • I saw the beauty of Tugela Valley on a tour by plane with Uncle Erlo. 
  • I’ve discovered the wildlife in HluhluweiMfoloziPark. 
  • I could attend a youth conference in Malelane (we drove 13 hours by bus – it was a dream!)  

All this happened through God’s will and thorough his servants at the Mission.   

I am profoundly thankful for all the effort that they made to make my stay there so pleasant. It enriched my soul and body. May the Lord bless His work among the Zulus and through them also us. 

I cannot wait for the pandemic to end so that I can visit again Kwasizabantu. Until then, I am thankful for the streaming of the services online 

A very big THANK YOU for all!