Shelah Engelbrecht

Extremely Thankful

I am forever grateful to the Lord for His providence in bringing my parents to Kwasizabantu Mission, when I was a small girl. Who knows where I would have ended up, if they had not been helped at the mission.

My childhood years were spent at a number of different schools, due to a few moves we made as a family. Looking back on my schooling, by far the best School I attended was DSS, the school on the mission – I completed my schooling there. I cannot begin to describe the complete dedication of the staff. Time was given after hours to anyone who battled with any concept. The lessons were well prepared and interesting. I was challenged to give my best, and I don’t believe I would have achieved the results I did at any of the other schools I attended. When I look back on those years, I have only fond memories. We had loads of fun and inspiration, I cannot think of one negative experience. The co-workers also showed great interest and love and supported me in all my endeavours. I count it a great privilege to have attended a school with such a high calibre of education. The results throughout the years speak for themselves.

My greatest gratitude however is for the spiritual lessons I learnt there during my school years and right up until today, as a congregant living away from the mission. Lessons which I have applied in the workplace and in my marriage and family life. Lessons, without which I would not be the person I am today. I thank God that He has met each need and given me fulfilment and contentment, and He continues to work in my life and in the lives of my family. I am eternally grateful to God that He led our family to Kwasizabantu Mission and that I could meet  a man like Reverend Stegen, who has given his entire life to propagating the gospel and uplifting the lives of countless people, including myself and my family. When I drive through those Mission gates, I feel I have come home.

Extremely thankful,
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