About 25 children at a time were called to fetch food. 10kg of flour, beans, sugar, tea and more

Feeding orphans – 7 December 2015

Whenever possible, we try to feed and clothe orphans not far from the mission. More than 2000 children have been registered as orphans, mostly because of the HIV / Aids crisis in South Africa. When the parents die there is usually a granny or aunt who is willing to look after the orphaned children. We make sure that we work with local authorities (Inkosi and Induna of the area – “chief”and “headman”).
On 7 December, one of Kwasizabantu’s co-workers, Alpheus Mdlalose, together with a team, went to an area about 20km further, in the deep rurual area of Emabomvini, to bring food to about 40 orphans. The Mpangele Primary school was chosen as the gathering place for the orphans and their grannies. The local Induna was also there to make sure that the children were genuine orphans.

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