Elona Engelbrecht

Filled with Joy

I have been living and working on the Mission for almost a year which is so to say a dream come true as I had been wanting to be a part of missionary work since I was a young girl. It was so special how so many people who are part of the congregation were happy together with me that I could be on the Mission. It was God who called me to the Mission!

I have learnt so much in just this short time being on the Mission, what stands out is: having true joy! My sister often says that one must be joyful and not just happy because joy comes from the heart – this has become so true for me! It reminds me of the song that says, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in His wonderful face and the things of this world will grow slowly dim in the light of his glory and grace”.

It is still so amazing for me how all the people on the Mission, and all those who are part of KwaSizabantu, are filled with joy. One sees it on their faces and even how they greet you (even when they are so busy). I can only say of one person after the other how loving they are.

I have also learnt to be content and to share, this makes one joyful. My Opa’s prayers before a meal are so special to me. He prays in thanks for what God provides for us for every meal. This is a secret – to be grateful and thank God which gives true joy.

Elona Engelbrecht