First Youth Conference in KwaSizabantu Free State, Virginia

KwaSizaBantu Mission Goldfields, held a residential youth camp on 26 to 30 March 2011.

The purpose of this camp was for young and old participants to flee from the wrath of God and discuss the present issues pertaining to all together with their teachers and parents in South Africa.

Target group:

Youth in all high schools in the high density areas of Thabong, Welkom and Meloding Virginia. With an exception of Harmony Mine and Boase Primary Schools senior students. Youth were also drawn from the Churches in and around the Goldfields Team from Zastron Participated There were about 600 people that registered at the Sunday morning service


Harmony Mine 2 Shaft Hostels.


26 – 30 March 2011. (Saturday thru Wednesday)

Convener: Concerned Young People of South Africa, of KwaSizaBantu Mission Goldfields went out and sensitized the community about the saving power of The Lord Jesus Christ even on HIV infection.

Guest speakers:

Rev. Joseph Chauke. African Youth evangelism

Other speakers:

– Inspectors Mokhere and Mphuthi


Three services were held daily, Short quiz at the beginning of each service for the youth to answer checking what was retained in memory. Testimonies were shared about how God changed lives of people from different backgrounds.

Lessons learned by youth:

  • Counselled in tears seeking God
  • Change from negative attitude towards the going to services, prayer and ministers of the Word of God.
  • Our Lessons is the reality and intensity of the darkness around the youth and communities surrounding us.