From the Kitchen

Youth Conference July 2022
From the Kitchen

The mere logistics of hosting so many young people with healthy appetites for a whole week, is quite staggering!

The Lord was good to us and provided everything in abundance. Thousands of apples, bananas, scones, fairy cakes and lollipops brought much joy to the young people.

The bakery baked 600 plus loaves of bread every day. Twelve buckets of jam, made from Mission grown fruit, was used for breakfast sandwiches.

An average of 500 kg beef was needed for every meal where the main meal included beef stew. Altogether 1,000 kg of chicken was necessary for chicken biryani. The many peppers provided by Emseni Farming brought welcome variety to the meals. 4,000 kg rice was used for the duration of the conference.

3 tons of mealie meal was needed for porridge and also to cook phutu for the 2,206 litres of Maas, supplied by the Mission dairy.  For coffee in the mornings and evenings we used 1,361 litres of milk!

The children loved the aQuellé, ViV and Khula.

No child needed to go to bed hungry, and what a joy and privilege to put a smile on so many faces.  We thank the Lord for every donation and contribution towards this conference.

To God be the glory!