Jeremy & Marilyn Jaegle

God at Work like Never Before

We are originally from France and came to the Mission in December 2015 with the desire, as a family, to take a break from the hectic pace of life we had in France. We needed family time and to revitalize ourselves around the Word of God and see Revival with our own eyes. Although being Christians, my husband and I had dissatisfaction in our hearts regarding our spiritual lives and a strong thirst for more!

Our original plan was to come for 6 months and we are still here after 5 years! Despite the many difficulties encountered before coming, we could see how the Lord opened the doors for our coming and I remember saying that if the difficulties were so intense, the blessing behind must surely be great. And indeed, the blessing was and still is great! We see God at work like never before.

The first Sunday we attended church, Uncle Erlo (Reverend Stegen) preached about not having preconceptions about how God works. I still remember this sermon today and it was a good starting point for the continuation of our experience at the Mission.

Before coming to South Africa I only knew Uncle Erlo through his preaching but since being here, I have been able to personally get to know him and his family and their lives speak more than sermons. When I think of them, two words come to mind: Generosity and Kindness. They are truly an example for us to follow.

We are delighted that our children can attend Domino Servite School. Along with the opportunity to learn different languages ​​and have friends from different cultures, they receive a solid Christian foundation for their future lives and we see how over time they flourish.

I also help at school and I can attest to the tireless dedication of all the staff.

I don't want to portray the Mission only as an idyllic place without difficulties but if we have a willing heart then God uses those difficulties to teach us and strengthen our faith.

Two of the big lessons I learned here are:

- to be grateful and happy for what the Lord gives us and not to let bitterness poison our hearts

- to pray and first to come to God with all our needs (physical and spiritual).

These are things that seem obvious as a Christian but that we have had to (re)-learn. Life in Europe can sometimes be so easy that we can easily forget to put God first in our daily lives.

Here, our faith has been encouraged and strengthened thanks to what we have experienced personally, by the testimony of people who experienced transformed lives (I am thinking in particular of the people in the CYPSA program), by the preaching but also by the daily life of our South African brothers and sisters. Here we received help not only in practical life but also and above all encouragement and precious advice in spiritual matters.

Our experience here reminds me of the verse of Hebrews 12/1: "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us"

Our hearts are overflowing with joy and gratitude for the time we can spend here. We are very privileged.

Truly, we are serving a LIVING God!

Marilyn & Jeremy Jaegle