Christine Schoepen

God at Work

Christine SchoepenAs a Dutch teenager, I was struggling to live a true Christian Life. Being brought up both in Calvinistic and Evangelical churches, I could never find the right answers. In my last cry to God, I attended a service of KSB in Europe. The message was clear. Sin divides you from God.

The need to get rid of my burdens brought me to the Mission in South Africa. It was a calm place where I got the right food fitted for a strong-willed student. Never did I experience any laws or dogma’s being forced upon me.  The respect, patience, and space I received, softened my heart for God. Nobody ever told me to confess my sins. It was just an enormous urge to do so.
From that moment on God never left me.

I am still grateful for the sacrifices people brought to help and teach me to walk with God. Even until today they have been a blessing and an enormous support in my daily life as a Christian, a wife and a mother, in good and hard times.

Not only for me, but for so many youngsters! I was so impressed by the co-workers giving all their time and strength day in day out, to stand with those who for many are just junkies, but for them, they are like their own precious children. I have seen many lives changed. This is God at work. Kwasizabantu Mission is a special place by obedience to God and His Word in all modesty.

Christine Schoepen