Etienne Engelbrecht

God Stretched Out His Hand to Me

I am not ashamed to be part of the Kwasizabantu mission.

I have been part of the Kwasizabantu mission all my life. Until today I am still so grateful for the Kwasizabantu Mission and for the gospel that is preached.

Without this gospel I don’t know where I would be, and I see more and more how precious this gospel actually is and that I should grasp it with all that I have. I am so thankful to God for what he has done for me and how he saved me from my sin. I do not live at the mission, but I am part of a Kwasizabantu branch. I slowly started compromising and allowed sin to grow in my life. I became attracted to the evil of this world and I wanted more and more. At home and in front of the congregation I was still the normal boy acting as if I was living in the light, but in my heart and in my actions in front of worldly people, I was part of the world. I was so deep in sin that I really didn’t care what I did or what I got myself involved in, but at home and in front of the congregation I had a mask on. I disguised myself so well and made everything seem so normal in my life. I was not intending to make my life right or to change my ways even though I knew I was doing the wrong things.

It is only by the grace of God that I am still part of his work as God stretched out His hand to me and gave a chance to be reconciled to Him and to be saved from my bondage of sin. I am so thankful for my spiritual leaders at the Mission, and also for my parents who are real examples of the true Gospel.

I pray and trust that this work will never stop and that I will always be part of it.

Etienne Engelbrecht