God’s Amazing Grace

I was raised by my grandmother as both my mother and father were absent in my young life, my father had a wife and kids elsewhere.  

My sister and I were products of his infidelity and were outcast from that family. My mother got very ill after going to a dentist to have some teeth pulled out. She got deafer each day until she lost her hearing completely and my granny had to step in and take care of us.

I started getting involved with the wrong type of people and started smoking cigarettes to fit in. This progressed to smoking dagga and mandrax and eventually “whoonga” (low grade heroin) which totally destroyed my life.

I became a drug addict but also a drug dealer, pushing dagga and all sorts of heavy drugs into prisons and clubs. But soon my life was devastatingly destroyed by my addiction and I needed to find help.

I came to KwaSizabantu mission seeking help and freedom from this bondage of drug abuse and slavery and a life of lies, robbery, theft, manipulation as well as constant arrests.

When I came to the mission I was warmly welcomed. Through the message I received I realized my wrongs. I then could humble myself and go back to people I had hurt to apologize and was able to reconcile with my family and community.

I handed myself over to the police as there were still many charges they had against me. Here I saw the Lord’s grace when I was given a chance to continue to make my life right on the mission, after receiving only a suspended sentence. 

I now work as an assistant supervisor in the construction department of the mission. I am now a contributing member of the community as I am part of the organization called Concerned Young People of South Africa (CYPSA) based at KwaSizabantu Mission, that goes to schools to conduct drug awareness campaigns, during which I share my testimony to discourage the use of drugs by young people, while presenting the solution for those already bound by drugs.

Furthermore, with the help of the mission, I am currently studying towards my diploma in Electrical Engineering! All this was made possible for me by God’s amazing grace through KwaSizabantu Mission and the Concerned Young People of South Africa.

Bheki Cele