Happy and free!

Even as a young boy my life was dominated by fear and anxiety, violent anger outbursts, immorality, depression and suicidal tendencies.

During my high school years I started to cry out to God and to search for help.

In 1988 I miraculously ended up at Kwasizabantu mission for a few days.

What I observed and experienced here touched me deeply and gave me new hope. I departed an excited young man, knowing that I have found something very special and unique. Ever since I have stayed in contact with the Mission (more than 30 years now!).

I have found complete deliverance, forgiveness, victory and peace in our Saviour Jesus Christ, through the preaching and counselling of Rev. Erlo Stegen and his co-workers.

I can’t thank the Lord enough for the innumerable blessings my family and I have received through Kwasizabantu Mission!

What I found here, changed the direction of my life 180°.

I am the happiest person I know, walking this planet!!

And there are many thousands more who feel the same about themselves because of the help they received through the unselfish, dedicated work of the people of this amazing place where God helps people!

Klaas Redelinghuys.