Andra Fratila

He Delivered Me

My name is Andra Fratila. When I was little I used to go with my mother and sister to the summer conferences at KSB. A few years later my mother passed away and I moved with my sister to the mission.

As a child and teenager I had big problems. It seemed impossible for me to get rid of my addiction, but God worked through the brothers in KSB and He delivered me.

When I entered school, my parents and family thought I was a mentally ill child. I couldn’t learn, I didn’t understand anything that was taught at school. I hardly passed the 6th and 7th grade. God really loves me and had mercy on me.

When I started to confess my sins, things got better, especially at school. I started to learn, I had started to understand something after so many lost years of school. After high school, God led me to a college that I managed to complete well.

For me, the KSB mission is really the place where people (those who want) find help.

Andra Fratila