Helping the helpless

I have taken over 90 people (3 tours) to visit KwaSizabantu mission because it’s an inspiring experience.  We were always welcomed with refreshments and eats and a lunch after the tour at no cost.  The tour would take us around the whole mission station where we could ask as many questions as we wanted and were in awe at the incredible blessings that were happening on this piece of land. Everything works and is of high standard and quality and perfection. The people working there were always friendly, and smiling, working with passion and purpose. My prayer is to do what they are doing in their community in my community. Making a difference with love.

Refugee Weekend retreat from Xenophobia April 2015

You exceeded my expectation,  when I made a call asking for a place of refuge for a weekend for 10 Refugee families, Elders from Durban Mission Church (people you didn’t even know) who were traumatised and so fearful with the Xenophobia attacks that were taking place at the time. You willingly sent a bus to collected the families from Durban over a period of two weekends, took them to your wonderful mission, where they experienced your hospitality, love, care and ministry and then took them home by bus, all this at no cost to anyone.

It was so good to hear laughter and joy in their voices after so much fear, uncertainty and pain. All they needed to know was that there are people in South Africa who do care and show unconditional love and encouragement.

Thank you for helping the helpless and hopeless and bringing back hope.

From Renata Meyer (Anchor Church Mtunzini)