Janetta Pienaar

His Special Plan

With Jesus in the Love Boat of my Life

My 'love story' began when I met the Lord Jesus as a young girl. He, my Creator, offered me His love and forgiveness, which I really needed, and I accepted it gratefully.  I could not but love and obey Him in return. I knew He wanted me to set my heart on Him alone, and I started striving to do so.

From then on it was Jesus sitting at the steering of the little love boat of my life, and I could relax carefree in the passenger seat at the rear. I did not have to wonder which boys/men I should or should not allow into my boat, and when they would/should get out again, and who would make a good fellow passenger or who could sink my boat. No, I could peacefully enjoy the ride in Jesus' company knowing I could trust Him fully to steer my boat along the best route.

Then one day a certain young man expressed the desire to permanently join me in my little boat, and this man asked of me to hear from the Lord as to what He says about it.

So I asked Him about it and, in His time, Jesus clearly told me that around the next bend in the river, He was going to steer this little boat to a peer on the riverside where this husband-to-be of mine was to join us.

And there Cobus was! With church organ and brass triumphantly announcing the great moment, and family and friends cheering on the riverbank, Cobus got into the little boat with me.

From there we've continued happily together along the river, Jesus still at the steering.

In the 17 years since that special moment of meeting, Jesus has added 3 loved and happy children's voices to our little company.

Jesus has also shown us that a good marriage consists of two good forgivers, and that humility and care for each other is a wonderful anchor for a blessed marriage.

He, the Steersman, has been faithful. His timing was right, His choice of person was right - after all only He, the Creator, knows what His special plan is for each of our lives.

I am so thankful that God gives this Revival message to us and to anyone who would accept it. If He takes two hearts that have been focused on Him, the Steersman, and then glues them together for life, it creates a very strong bond. If He leads you into marriage and abides in your marriage, you can be sure that you'll get a FULL portion.

Janetta Pienaar