Talitha van Tonder

I Am So Grateful!!

The Lord has done so much through Kwasizabantu mission for me!!

Born in South Africa, I grew up in Pretoria and my family attended a branch of Kwasizabantu near Pretoria. When I was 7, we moved to Western Australia as my Dad had found work there and felt that it was God’s will for us to go.

While in Australia, we attended local churches from the areas that we were residing in and listened regularly to the livestreamed services from Kwasizabantu as our evening service (the time difference is 6 hours with WA being ahead).

When I was 9, the Lord began working in my life and I began to seek Him, I remember calling out to Him as I felt that I had come to the end of myself, I knew I could not earn His forgiveness, nor could I live a righteous life without His help. Peace flooded my heart as I knew He would not turn me away.

A few years later, in my early teens, I began to struggle with impure thoughts and guilt. At first, I chose to hide it all – I would pray and ask God to free me from these thoughts. God would gently remind me that I needed to “walk in the light” and I fought because I was full of pride.

Finally, I opened up to my parents and found that God would work mightily in my life when I humbled myself and chose to walk in the light. Since then, I have gone for counselling when I felt that God was leading me to do so and have been greatly blessed every single time. God has given me victory by His grace whenever I have humbled myself and chosen to walk in the light (James 4:7, 5:16). I am so grateful to God for what He has done at Kwasizabantu mission through Uncle Erlo and what God has done in my life through Kwasizabantu.

Early this year in February, I visited South Africa and stayed at the mission for two weeks. When I got back to Australia, one of my friends said, “You look so refreshed!”. That was exactly how it was after coming from the mission, I was refreshed, encouraged, challenged and blessed!

I am so grateful!!
Talitha van Tonder

Talitha van Tonder