Samuel Ludwig

I Can Only Marvel at His Grace

When I look back at my life, I can only be thankful for the grace and mercy God showed to me.

My parents knew the Kwasizabantu Mission already before I was born. But still staying in Germany at that time we only visited this place a few times before moving to the Mission in August 2000.

Me and my siblings attended the Domino Servite School on the Mission and I can say wholeheartedly that me and my siblings were treated in the most loving way and never feared going to school.

The teachers cared for us and I can’t thank them enough for it. They taught me how to respect and love each person independent where you come from and who you are. Most of all they showed me to love Jesus, by their actions and their words. When I had done wrong they disciplined me, but in love (I always felt that).

I still remember very well the Sunday School we attended and the Children Services which were yearly in June and December. The Thousands of children coming to the mission.

In one of Rev. Stegens Sermons(Dec 2000) I realized my sinfulness and the wrong I had done. At the end he called all those who wanted to give their life to the Lord Jesus to come to the front. That evening I went forward amongst many others and gave my life to the Lord. The freedom and joy I felt afterwards was indescribable. I was a child of God.

Slipping away
In 2006 we moved back to Germany and I finished my School there. Learned a trade as Aircraft Mechanic and started working.

From the last years in school my life started to become that of a hypocrite. Towards my parents, teachers and other people in the congregation I was a christian towards the outside, but in my heart I was becoming dark, lonely and evil. I started living just for myself. Which led me into heavy pornography, gaming and music addiction. I was heading for a very bad future. But by God’s grace and patience I had family and friends that kept me from slipping away completely.

Saved by Grace
In 2015 I decided to go back to Kwasizabantu. Along with my parents we came in September. I hoped to become free of my addictions by the change of situation and environment, I tried with all my strength to fight it, but to no avail. I then started counseling with one of the co-workers of the Mission and through different sermons and advice, God reached out to me and freed me of my enslavement. He transformed me from a miserable self disgusted person to a free, satisfied and thankful man. I thank God for this place and the people who preach the true Gospel without compromising. I have seen God work miracles in my life and others.

Reverend Stegen made a very big impact on my conversion. May God bless him and the other co-workers who live the life they preach.

My prayer is that God may work further in my life and that he can use Kwasizabantu to help more people like me and others.

I am here on Kwasizabantu Mission by my own choice and free will.

The claims made about this place and it’s leaders do not fit together with everything I have experienced and am seeing every day.

I believe this place is God’s work and his revival.

If You doubt it, come and see!

Samuel Ludwig

Samuel Ludwig