Snikiwe Nhlabathi

I Experienced God’s Power in My Life

My name is Snikiwe Nhlabathi. I first came to Kwasizabantu Mission in March 2008. I stayed for two weeks and during my visit I experienced unique peace that I had never encountered before. When I returned home my heart was deeply touched because of the experience I had at this place. This led to a great conviction that I had to come back to the mission. I came with depression.

It was October 2008 when I returned to stay at the mission. I started with confessing my sins and then I experienced God's power in my life. I was cleansed physically and spiritually. I became sick and started to cough black mucus. Everywhere on my body where traditional doctors placed marks became swollen and itchy. For me, this was a sign that God was even cleansing my body. After this I felt refreshed, healthy and free.

I was then granted an opportunity to work for one of the departments on the mission and I was also taught how to manage my small business on the side with their amazing support.

I got married in 2010 on the mission. I live together with my husband and three little boys on the mission. We as a family are very grateful to be part of Kwasizabantu's big family.

Thank you.

Snikiwe Nhlabathi