Margot Brownrigg

We Thank God for Sending us to KwaSizabantu Mission

My husband and I arrived at Kwasizabantu in May 1979, full time missionaries with marriage problems. We had heard many stories, and believed what we heard. We didn’t want to go, but God clearly spoke to my husband. We now realise how much Satan hates the mission, because many thousands have been set free from his clutches.

I was never told what to do. The Holy Spirit of God began to speak into my heart, revealing all the sin which my pride had carefully hidden away. I was amazed, the more I brought it all out to the light and confessed  it, the more the love, joy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ overflowed in my heart. I saw myself so clearly; proud, a nagging wife, wanting my own way, blaming my husband. Now I saw myself, my sin. I learnt to humble myself and apologise to my husband. The more I had to do that, the more I loved him, and he me. It was like a 2nd honeymoon! That was 41 years ago, and that love and unity has grown. We continually thank God for His mercy. We thank Him for sending us to KwaSizabantu Mission. We thank Him for His servant Erlo Stegen, who has remained a humble man of great authority. We thank God we are united in Christ with our dear brethren there.

Anyone who should read this, I say (from experience), don’t listen to all those stories you are hearing. Come and see, and experience for yourself.

Margot Brownrigg
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