Liesbet Khalimale

I love the mission with all my heart

I am Liesbet Khalimane and I live in Smithfield. I got to know Kwasizabantu mission in 1989. I didn’t know the Lord. We went to Kwasizabantu or some of the people from the mission visited us here. I thank the Lord for Kwasizabantu. Through the mission I met the Lord, the One I never knew before.

I was attending my own church, where I got married and our children were baptised there. Even though we were in a church, we didn’t know the Lord personally.

I am still grateful that I got to know a place like Kwasizabantu. I have eight children and all of them heard the gospel at Kwasizabantu mission.

In 2010 my husband passed away. People from Kwasizabantu came all the way to Smithfield to support me and my children. I will never forget the love we received during that time.

When going to Kwasizabantu mission, the people are all the same, friendly and they treat you very well. We are like brothers and sisters. On arriving there you feel that this is a place of God. I love the mission with all my heart and I am still part of the mission till this day at one of their smaller branches.

I will never forget the grace God gave me, by letting me receive the gospel. I also want to thank the mission for the services that are broadcasted on Sunday mornings and the evening devotions.  We are blessed through them.

May the Lord bless you all.

Liesbet Khalimale