I Praise God for Kwasizabantu Mission

I cannot thank God enough for Kwasizabantu Mission in South Africa. Though I live 13000 km by air far from the mission, God had to bring me there to wake me up from my spiritual pride and darkness.

I was studying to become a minister, but God’s light didn’t penetrate my life. I was still haunted by my past sinful life that I have lived and was living in. I didn’t know what to do. I was in my second year of studies when I went to Kwasizabantu Mission in South Africa. There the Lord took me and showed me my life as it was in His eyes. I knew I was lost, and I needed to part with my past life. The Lord spoke to me (not men) that I must bring my sins into light and confess them. I was, at the beginning, too proud. How can I, studying to be a minister, come with all my things to light. I didn’t want. No one on the mission told me a word, God was the one that spoke to me, because God is present in that place in a special way. I don’t say it just to say it. IT IS THE TRUTH.

I went into the light with my life and I praise God that He set me free from my past, my sins. I praise God for Kwasizabantu Mission South Africa, and specially for uncle Erlo Stegen. If all the stories could be told of what uncle Erlo did, how he is with all people, from children to older people, how he serves others, how he gave his life just for others to have Christ in their lives, but eternity will show it in front of all mankind.

I praise God for Kwasizabantu Mission in South Africa.

Daniel Meila
Kwasizabantu Mission Voiteg, Romania.


Daniel Meila