Aleksey Chugui

I Received a New Life

Hello my name is Aleksey Chugui. I am from Tulsa Oklahoma. Last year I got a chance to visit the Mission Kwasizabantu and it's was truly a blessing for me to visit there. The things I experience there, I couldn't never experience anywhere else in the world. I was very deep into sin, I enjoyed things of this world and I was addicted to drugs. After visiting the Mission my life changed in a whole new way. I got to counsel with some people from the Mission Kwasizabantu and make things right with the Lord. I felt so great after doing that and I felt a big burden coming off my shoulders. I received a new life from the Lord.  I found a new meaning to life and I am very happy with my new life.

I am also a father. Before my visit to the Mission Kwasizabantu I had a hard time with the mother of my son, but now things have really changed between me and her. It's truly a blessing for me. All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I got to visit a couple different branches of the Mission Kwasizabantu as well. I can truly see the Lord hand in all the work they do. I really enjoyed my time there and looking forward to go there again if the Lord allows me to.