Suzana Nemet

I Received Freedom

My name is Suzana, I am 60 years old, from Kwasizabantu Mission in Romania and I have been serving the Lord for 12 years at this wonderful place.

What does the KSB mission from SA mean to me? It plays an important role in my spiritual life.

I’ve had the privilege to visit the mission several times and each time I spent a long time there because I never knew if I could go again. Wherever I visited, I was treated well and with love, and I felt at home.

Those people really live for the Lord Jesus and they are always ready to help those in need. I never got the feeling that it was too much or too big an effort for them.

I got to know many families from the mission and they became part of my life. I always found help and advice, and they always prayed for me. I have learned a lot from them.

I want to thank uncle Erlo from the bottom of my heart for being ready to listen to God fully, and therefore the Lord gave them the revival. I thank God that the revival was also brought to Romania, because here the Lord found a European (Hans Koller) who was willing to leave everything and to listen to God.

I received freedom from the burdens of my sins, and found peace and joy through the confession of my sins.

There is one thing in particular that changed my life, it busied me for years, so that even during services I was not paying attention. One day the Lord spoke to me, “The world is headed for destruction and you don’t care, your only concern is about this matter”. This thought woke me up, and I received strength, victory and a new purpose. Now I am a free and fulfilled woman.

The mission in Romania and in South Africa is not a human work, it belongs to God and He is the Master, we are His servants.

At the mission, my life changed, I truly woke up from a deep sleep in sin and I learnt what it really means to be a Christian.

Suzana Nemet