Johannes Hecker

I Received Great Help and Blessing

I know the Mission Kwasizabantu since 1987. I grew up in a Christian family in Germany.
But through the gospel brought by Reverend Erlo Stegen I could confess my sins. And I received peace, freedom and victory over sin.
Through this gospel I could enter pure in marriage.

Today I and my family are richly blessed. I can only praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful gospel! And even more in these days, I am blessed and encouraged more than ever before, through the example and teaching of Kwasizabantu Mission. I can really say that I received by God's grace a living relationship with Jesus, so that I can hear His voice.

By the teaching of Kwasizabantu Mission I also received great help and blessing in my business and in my daily life.

So I thank Reverend Stegen and the co-workers for all help and support.

Many greetings from Germany!
Johannes Hecker