International Visitors from India and the Congo

We are privileged to have visitors from overseas throughout the year. In the last week they included a group of 20 from central Africa and a group from South India, Andrapradesh.

Pastor Deevanaiah from Holy Ministries in India addressed 4 meetings and gave 2 Radio Khwezi interviews. Rev Stegen had preached twice a day at Pastor Deevanaiah’s church in October last year. He preached in Telegu and Pastor Joshua translated into English. The services were a great blessing.

The MET (Missions Exposure and Training) group were from the 2 Congos in Central Africa (commonly referred to as Congo Kinshasa and Congo Brazzaville). MET groups have been coming thrice a year for over 12 years. Groups comprised of pastors are given 5 week courses at the MET headquarters in Pretoria. Part of the course is to be exposed to other missions. This particular group was French speaking since they come from the Francophone parts of Africa.