It Turned My Life Around

When I met a group of students in Port Elizabeth in the early eighties, I knew they had something that I needed in my life. Peace.

They attended a week of meetings at the University of Port Elizabeth where Reverend Erlo Stegen was the main speaker. He shared about the Revival of 1966.

Many of these students were good churchgoing Christians, like myself, but these messages made them to realize they are lost.

When I met them I also started listening to the messages from the Mission and it turned my life around. I received healing from all the bitterness and hatred I was carrying around in my life since my childhood.

I then started to visit the Mission from 1986 because I needed to hear more about this message and see how Christians are supposed to conduct themselves to live a victorious life.

I eventually felt the calling to move to the Mission in 1992, where I am still living and yes, God has worked in my life and is still working for which I thank Him.

The best years of my life has been the years on the Mission, a place where I can feel safe and where I can live in peace with all nations. I almost want to say that all the libraries in the world would not be able to contain enough books where I can write about the miracles I’ve seen in my life and the life of others around me and how God has provided for me. I thank God that I can be part of His work and that I can help in a small way to spread the good news to the needy world outside.

Where else would I go, but to the Lord, He is my Refuge and my help, He is my Shepherd and my Comforter and Guide! May God find me faithful to the end.

Teresa Jonck