Baba Sikhakhane

Ivangeli Elishumayela uJesu


Baba Sikhakhane at Swayimane

Here is my short testimony about how I came to know KwaSizabantu. I was in trouble and wanted to have a deeper faith. I took time, about six weeks, to pray and seek God regarding which believers I should have fellowship with. One day, in the seventh week, I was listening to a funeral service of a brother Philip, whom I did not know. This gave me a desire to gather with these believers. I contacted one brother who has contact with Radio Khwezi, because I had his number, and I enquired where the KwaSizabantu believers are in Swayimane, because I had heard that they have a branch in Swayimane. This brother then referred me to Baba Khumalo who made arrangements for me to be able to meet with these brethren. That was when I was able to first meet these brethren, I had first heard them at a funeral service.

When I got there and met them, I discovered that none of them knew me. No one had told me about KwaSizabantu or referred me. It was God through His Spirit who directed me to them. I was grateful to find a place that peaches Jesus Christ as the Way to Life in accordance with the Scriptures. Nothing else is spoken except that which is written in the Word. Nothing else is preached, except Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life.  And when I experienced this, it filled my heart.

We need to Serve Jesus alone and not combine Him with other things; Jesus alone. Only He descended to earth, and He alone ascended. I could say so much more.

I thank God for introducing me to this church and may He preserve this church and protect its leaders and may they continue to preach this true Gospel, that Jesus Christ alone is the way.


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